T-cell immunity test against SARS-CoV2 by Avidin

Avidin is already measuring T-cell immunity


Avidin has developed a novel blood based diagnostic test that measures acquired T-cell immunity against the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, following infection or immunization. Avidin is the first private company to offer such a test in Hungary.

For those who have been infected or vaccinated, it is important to check the acquired immunity against the virus. So far, antibody tests have been available for this purpose at Avidin and other laboratories. These tests are able to determine whether antibodies against different proteins of SARS-CoV2 virus are present in the blood. However, there is another type of protection called T-cell immunity. T cells, a type of special white blood cells recognize and kill viruses in the blood. This type of protection lasts longer than the antibody circulating in the blood.

Avidin’s novel method which has been developed with the help of scientific advisor Gábor Szebeni Ph.D., can determine the exact number of protective T cells in circulation. Currently, two sample collection sites are available in Budapest and Szeged. Information on registration for the test is available from Whitelab at whitelab.hu (Budapest) or at deakpraxis.hu (Szeged).

This special test is recommended to those who have been infected or been vaccinated thus have developed such protection. The test may also provide information on the lenght of protection induced by  vaccination.

The test requires a special technical arsenal thus probably not all laboratories will be able to perform this test. The uniqueness of the procedure is that it was developed specifically for SARS-CoV2 virus. The amino acid structures of the different mutants of the virus do not differ fundamentally, so the method can be applied to all variants. In addition, the extent to which different variants elicit cellular immunity is also under investigation.

Avidin provides the novel T-cell immunity test alone or in combination with antibody tests to obtain a detailed picture of a person’s immune protection against SARS-CoV2.