Strategic Changes in the Pipeline

Today Avidin anounced that the company has made extensive recostruction of its projects. The R&D pipeline has changed and become updated accordingly (

Q134R, Avidin’s most advanced program has entered into Phase 1a clinical trial, and its back-up compound, QPA-2203 reaches final stages in optimization.  The C-509 program has been halted for oncology indications, while two additional drug development programs became visible. The earlier confidential ADO-211 is a novel receptor antagonist, acting on a propritary target, which has critical importance in asthma and COPD.

The mechanism of action of AVM-92 has not been disclosed. AVM-92 specificaly target the metabolism of cancer cells and possesses very little side effects.

Details of the AVM-92 and ADO-211 programs will be presented soon.

„By halting two previous programs Avidin is able to focus on its more advanced projects and could support more effectively the other two, previously undisclosed programs in cancer and respiratory disease indications” – said László Puskás, CEO.