Sterile Animal Housing


Exceptional filtration and constant environment for rodents

Designed to house breeding colonies or groups of rodents for laboratory use. Advantages compared to standard animal housing: safety, practicality of use, cage visibility and housing flexibility.

The cage has been designed to meet a high standard of isolation together with an improved air quality environment for the animals. It provides the best possible micro-environment for each animal. IVC is an air-handling unit that is fitted with a microprocessor controlled touch screen which controls the speed of both supply and exhaust blowers while displaying the temperature and relative humidity as well.

The cage has two changeable filter systems; the outlet set higher than the inlet for thermal “pumping” of air, filter medium can be supplied in various pore sizes. The standard filter is 50-micron non-woven polyester.

The lid to base fit is secured by the rack making clips etc. unnecessary and creates a seal that is a reliable barrier to the ingress of pathogens. The feed grid can be accessed without removing the cage lid making feeding and water supply easier. The external water bottles are included with every cage. Each cage can be removed from the rack by simply sliding the box forward. The plenum has a flap seal to close off the vacated location.

Complete IVC system (36 cages) for mice.

Complete IVC system with 2 wings (2 x 56 cages).

Mouse cage boxes

Selection criteria of experimental animals cage box: Free-resistant tail docking, acid and corrosion resistance, appropriate for high temperature sterilization. Material: polysulphonate.

Sterilization methods of cage box: High-pressure steam sterilizer and chemical sterilization according to the characteristics of plastic materials should be used. For life extension of the transparent cage box the pressure steam sterilization method is recommended at 121 ℃, for 30 min.

Mouse cage for IVC with PSU material.

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