Single Cell Genomics

Single Cell genomics (Protection for applications), SingleCellProtectTM Cell Stabilizing Solution

Are you working with single cells without stabilizing RNA?
It is high time to use our SingleCellProtectTM in order to detect transcripts with high sensitivity and reproducibility and to obtain better results in single cell genomics applications.
Our reagent induces cell lysis, stabilizes and protects cellular RNA and DNA.

Single Cell Genomics

Single Cell Genomics


SCPSingleCellProtectTM (Cat# SCP-50, SCP-250) solution is an aqueous, nontoxic reagent that induces cell lysis, stabilizes and protects cellular RNA. It is compatible with reverse transcription, ligation, DNA polymerase reactions, therefore the application of SingleCellProtectTM is highly recommended for single cell genomics technologies (single cell PCR, next generation sequencing, multiplex gene expression analysis, etc.).
>Our cell stabilizing solution reagent prevent degradation of single cell RNA and single cell nucleic acid in general.
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Warning: Avidin’s products are suitable for research purposes only, and not for human or animal care.

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