Recent Press release announced Hungarian companies can make a breakthrough in combating Alzheimer’s disease

The fruitful collaboration of AVIDIN Ltd. and SONEAS Research Ltd. working in the field of drug development has produced outstanding results from professional and also business point of view.

AVIDIN Ltd. has dedicated to pharmaceutical research of Alzheimer’s disease from 2009. During the company’s chemical and molecular-level biological development, a novel drug candidate Q134R-K was discovered which has been patented worldwide with its partners in the project called “Kinolol”.

AVIDIN entrusted its partner SONEAS Ltd. with the Phase I testing of the novel drug candidate in 2012. This resulted in the successful completion of the HUF 365 million grant “Preclinical and Clinical Development of Kinolol drug candidate for Alzheimer’s Disease” on December 15, 2017. Q134R-K showed promising results and it is under further investigation (see pipeline).