New test reagent series for COVID-19

Easy as 1-2-3!   Do your accurate COVID-19 test with Avidin’s reagents!


Avidin has expanded the company’s portfolio with a specialized clinical molecular diagnostics department focused on the detection and monitoring of infectious diseases. Our molecular diagnostics laboratory offers RT-qPCR testing in diverse disease areas to assist patient care.

Due to the rapid spread and increasing number of corona-virus disease 19 (COVID-19) cases, rapid and accurate detection of virus and/or disease is increasingly vital to control the sources of infection and help society to prevent the illness progression.

Avidin has developed a series of reagents and kits to safely and rapidly detect COVID-19 from pharyngeal/nasal swab.

  1. The first step is using our IVD certified ATM-1 Virus Transport Medium with flocked swab Cat.No. ATM-100. The samples are taken with the flocked swap included and stabilized in a form where the possibly containing viral RNA is in an inactive structure in the ATM-1 solution and preserves the RNA for min. 48h at RT.
  2. The next step is using our AviRNA Viral RNA Extraction kit Cat.No. AVE-100 which purifies viral RNA as well as total RNA from swab samples with high efficiency.
  3. The last step is using our IVD certified Cov2QuantTM one-step RT-QPCR kitCat.No. CQ-100 which allows a very fast and sensitive RT-QPCR amplification and detection of the viral RNA with high specificity.