Avidin received molecular genetic laboratory diagnostic license



Avidin Ltd. established its diagnostic unit in 2020, where microbiological and serological tests were performed mainly related to the coronavirus. The laboratory’s diagnostic capacity has been large enough to match the country’s testing needs.

With the current license, it will be possible to implement additional molecular genetic diagnostic activities, in which several tests and analyses would be carried out.

The planning activities are the following: 1) novel genetic test to reveal methylation changes in oncogenic regions of DNA to enable the potential detection of gastrointestinal tumors; 2) sensitive tests are planned to be implemented to analyze mutations of circulating DNA in the blood which would detect tumor cells in an early tumorigenesis period; 3) further analysis of the DNA extracted from serum to detect deviation in methylation pattern, mutations, SNP may determine additional properties of the tumor (e.g., location within the body, ability to metastasize, etc.); 4) to analyze extranuclear, cellular nucleic acids to reveal early pathological events from blood samples

The listed genetic diagnostic tests are of particular importance, as the specialized, broad-spectrum genetic tests can, in many cases, lead to the early detection and treatment of various diseases.

The diagnostic activity will be carried out by a well-prepared, outstanding professional team in a laboratory set up at AVIDIN Kft.’s headquarter, in compliance with all necessary regulations.