Mycoplasma Contamination

Mycoplasma Detection and Treatment

Cell culturing mycoplasma contamination is a major problem regarding both research and industrial production. Unlike fungal or bacterial infections, mycoplasmal contaminations cannot be detected by visual inspection, but can lead to unreliable experimental results and potential unsafe biological products.

Mycoplasmal contamination can be quantified and treated by Avidin’s products:

  1. MycoQuantTM kit (Cat# MQ-050, MQ-100, MQ-250) is an easy-to-use, multi-platform detection method, performed on any Real-Time PCR instrument.The protocoll is very simple and fast, the user only needs 1 reagent mix to add the templates. (MycoQuant TDS-MycoQuant User Manual )

  2. Avidin can also perform the test with  MycoQuantTM in house, the client just need to send the cells.

  3. In case of detecting mycoplasma infection, MycoKillTM (Cat# MK-2L, MK-8L) treatment is suggested, which eliminates the infection only in three weeks.

Warning: Avidin’s anti-mycoplasma products are suitable for research purposes only, and not for human or animal care.

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