In mammalian cell culturing, mycoplasma contamination is a major problem in both research and industrial production. In contrast with fungal or bacterial infections, mycoplasma contaminations cannot be detected by visual inspection and can lead to unreliable experiment results and potentially unsafe biological products.

Mycoplasma contamination can be quantified and eradicated in a simple way with our products.

  • The MycoQuantTMkit is a multi-platform detection method, which is easy-to-use, and can be performed on any Real-Time PCR instrument.
  • It has a very simple and fast protocol.

MyCoQuant service:

Upon request, we can perform the test with MycoQuantTM in our laboratory. You only need to send your cells to our laboratory.

In case of detecting mycoplasma infection,

MycoKillTM treatment is highly suggested, which eliminates the infection only in three weeks.

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