IVIS® imaging technology (Xenogen/Caliper, USA) provides the most sensitive systems available – for both fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging. IVIS molecular imaging systems are designed to identify disease pathways, determine mechanisms of action, evaluate drug compounds, and monitor their effects on disease progression in living animals. Non-invasive, bioluminescent imaging of tumor growth and metastasis allows longitudinal evaluation of tumor development before, during and after treatment, offering an excellent preclinical strategy to assess tumor response and recurrence.

AVIDIN has established animal models with  luciferase expressing cell lines lung cancer H1975, melanoma A375, colon cancer HT29, and leukemia K562 human cancer cells in SCID or NSG mouse for efficacy studies.

AVIDIN in collaboration with AVICOR (www.avicorbiotech.com) has optimized scale-up synthesis of aLuciferin, a brighter luciferin derivative for in vivo imaging.

For an introductory price (until September 2012) you can order 1 g aLuciferin for 249 USD (the cheapest in the market).

Price for 5 g, 20 g, or bulk order, please inquire.

For further details and quotation please contact us!

This instrument was purchased in the frame of BAROSS-DA07-DA-ESZK-07-2008-0034 grant.