Inflammation services

Project code: GOP-1.3.1-10B-2010-0016
Project title: Development of a preclinical service package suitable for testing anti-inflammatory compounds
Project duration: 2011.01.01-2012.06.30
Granting agency: National Development Agency, Hungary


AVIDIN developed and optimized several inflammation models in order to increase its capacity as a CRO for anti-inflammation projects.

1. Mouse in vivo inflammation model

Several inflammation models were successfully adopted and optimized in mice:

1.1. LPS or carrageenin induced acute arthritis model
1.2. contact drmatitis model induced on the surface of the ears
1.3. colitis mouse model

2. Rat in vivo inflammation model

Several inflammation models were successfully adopted and optimized in rats:

2.1. Carrageenin induced acute arthritis model
2.2. TNBS-induced colitis model (including TNFa, MPO measurements)

Eger In vivo imaging


3. In vivo toxicity models

AVIDIN successfully adopted and optimized acute and subchronic toxicity tests in rodents (mouse/rat) under non-GLP conditions. Administration routes: oral, i.v., i.p., s.c.

Test includes pathological valuation of organs from treated animals.

4. Development of in vivo imaging methods to visualize inflammation in animals

AVIDIN successfully developed and optimized in vivo imaging technologies based on biolouminescent detection (IVIS, Caliper) and the application of a recently developed inflammation-specific reagent based on detecting myeloperoxidáz (MPO) activity (developed at Avicor Ltd.)

The in vivo imaging technology was optimized for contact allergy, arthritis and colitis models.

5. Expression analysis of genes related to inflammatory processes

AVIDIN optimized several PCR gene sets for accurate analysis of gene expression of inflammation related genes and used as a reference in studying alteration in gene expression during allergy, arthritis and colitis.

AVIDIN provides these services to small and medium-sized biotech companies as well as pharma companies which are involved in the development of anti-inflammatory drug candidates.

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