In vivo toxicogenomics

Non-GLP toxicology, inflammation
and cancer models
Avidin is providing services for acute and sub-chronic toxicology of drug candidates in rats and mice and performs POC studies in acute inflammation models (arthritis, IBD). In an SPF-like animal facility Avidin has optimized several cancer xenograft models, including, glioblastoma, liver, lung, breast, prostate cancers and melanoma.

Hit and lead discovery for any targets

Provide the name of the target, and we give you patentable NCEs and core structures within 1-2 months!
Besides using the latest label-free technologies for in-house screening programmes, Avidin provides the following SERVICES:

  1. Real-time measurements of the cytotoxic effects of small molecules/mixtures/extracts on primary cells or cancer cells in a medium high throughput manner.
  2. Determination of G-protein coupled receptor interaction of small molecules/mixtures/extracts in a medium highthroughput manner.
  3. Providing hit molecules (Kd about 1 μM) (binders, inhibitors, inducers) for drug targets in a medium highthroughput manner.