Project code: NKFP_07-A2-2008-0220
Project duration: 2008.01.01-2010.12.31

The GLINOLID anti-cancer drug discovery programme is partly supported by the  “National Technology Program” grant from the National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH) of the Hungarian Government.

The main focus of the consortium is to develop drug molecules that are not toxic and that could be administered directly to brain and could selectively kill glioma cells significantly enhancing the survival of patients with brain tumor. There are several novel technologies, including new drug formulation (novel gel-producing compounds), administration (catheter, minipump) and medicinal chemistry (fatty acids and derivatives) that are the aim of the project proposal.

Based on previous results different fatty acids possess very strong anticancer potential. With further optimization we are capable of developing novel drug candidates combating glioma. After selecting lead molecules their effects will be followed by using in vivo imaging technologies. After applying genomics and classical preclinical tests we will establish the background for a human clinical study of a potentially successful anticancer drug for malignant glioma.