The BioTrove platform works with 3072-hole OpenArray™ plates with specially encapsulated primer pairs. Reagent consumption and assay costs are significantly reduced because of the 100- to 1000-fold reduction in PCR volume. OpenArray™ plates are sealed in cases and introduced into the BioTrove OpenArray™ NT Cycler. The thermal cycler has the capacity to run 3 OpenArray™ plates, so, each run results in data for over 9000 assays and includes amplification and melting curves.


Each array consists of 48 individual matrices enables us to screen 48 samples over 64 separate QRT-PCR reactions (SNP or gene expression) in 1 array. Control genes (consitutively expressed genes) are included in each array.

This technology is applied to screen the expression of genes coding for different pathways or functions.

  1. Transporter genes;
    Avidin’s Transporter gene expression panel contains 28 ABC transporter genes, 23 SLC (solute carrier family) and 5 control genes
  2. Oxidative stress genes;
    Avidin’s Oxidative stress gene expression panel contains 50 human oxidative stress genes and 5 control genes
  3. Cell cycle – apoptosis genes;
    Avidin’s Cell cycle – apoptosis coding gene expression panel contains 50 human cell cycle – apoptosis coding genes and 5 control genes
  4. Toxicology-related genes;
    Avidin’s Toxicology gene expression panel contains 50 toxicology-related genes and 3 control genes
  5. Kinase coding genes;
    Avidin’s Kinase coding gene expression panel contains 504 human kinase coding genes and 5 control genes. Appropriate for screening 4 samples in 1 array. Gene list (pdf, 82,3 kb)

Custom made QRT-PCR can be also developed for customers for biomarker investigations, drug screening or population studies including clinical studies.

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