EUREKA Innovation collaboration kick-off in Frankfurt

GenXPro Has Organized The Kick-Off Meeting For EUREKA (E!12655 MITOME) Innovation Collaboration With Partners Avidin And Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Zellkulturtechnik (SIZ) In Frankfurt

Monday 23. 09. / Tuesday 24.09. 2019

The special German-Hungarian collaborative program’s project titled Functional genomic and enzymatic profiling of mitochondria from oxidative stressed biological samples. The consortium aims to conduct a multi-level investigation to develop DNA, RNA, enzyme and cell based test systems and prototype reagent products to detect mitochondria stress.

At the kick-off meeting partners had short introduction of their companies, presented research activities and their special focus of investigation. Later the MITOME work packages were discussed along to the organization of the samples, plan for the reports and future cooperation. Early data were presented also.