Avidin has expanded the company’s portfolio with a specialized clinical molecular diagnostics department focusing on the detection and monitoring of infectious diseases. 

Its main focus became medical diagnostics. From 2020 Avidin develops and manufactures in-vitro diagnostic tests for the DNA based detection of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or parasites.

The company set up a laboratory for microbial diagnostics at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic and made a new Budapest site (Berlini u 47-49) accredited as M3 authorization level of microbiological diagnostics laboratory. This enabled us to provide even more superb service in serological and high quality and fast QPCR testing of COVID-19, also performing the tests more efficiently and with greater capacity.

Avidin has also developed its own set of reagents and methods which effectively speeds up diagnostic process. The entire portfolio can be accessed at www.avidinlab.com.  These successful diagnostic kits are recognised and purchased internationally placing Avidin in-between the leaders of Covid-19 and viral diagnostics. Molecular diagnostic tests from Avidin are based on real-time PCR technology and are packaged as ready-to-use kits. The company’s product catalog contains four CE-IVD marked kits that are compatible with open real-time PCR platforms. All devices and reagents, unlike many other products on European market, have been certificated as medical devices and in vitro diagnostic kits (CE/IVD) by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI) and are suitable for professional use for diagnostic purposes. Avidin also sells its registered products to private and clinical laboratories alone or in collaboration with White Reagens and Anthelos Ltds (www.anthelos.com).

Avidin is working together closely with Whitelab Ltd (https://whitelab.hu/) covering most parts of Hungary for collecting oropharyngeal and blood samples for COVID diagnostics. At Szeged our partner is DeakPraxis (https://deakpraxis.hu/) working as a testing site.