One of the most dinamic branch of Avidin Ltd. is to identify and develop novel anticancer compounds. In the frame of a Jedlik Ányos grant (AVINOMID, 2007) within a few month the company synthesized more than a hundred thalidomide analogues, from which we found very potent in vivo. These compounds are protected by a patent (owned by Avidin). This patent application will enter to PCT phase in 2008.

In early 2008 the company made an agreement with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID” 6700B Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA) to develop and test novel anti-Mycobacterium compounds. At present this project is financed only by Avidin’s own budget.

At present the major focus of the company is to provide its services and products in the segment of functional genomics, pharmaceutical research and in the preclinical phase of analysing different drug candidates in Hungary and Europe.

The other field of the company is the development of molecular biology-based novel diagnostic solutions as a service. Among these, one is exceptionally successful and unique that was first introduced into Hungary and second in Europe by Avidin: high-density nanoliter volume real-time PCR technology. This system is used in Avidin in the frame of a beta-test agreement with BioTrove Inc. (Boston, USA).  This technology was applied to screen the expression of toxicology-related genes and genes coding for different transporters, including ABC-transporters (development: in the frame of Asbóth Oszkár NKTH grant – XTTPSRT).

Avidin Ltd. (in the frame of a GVOP.3.1.1. (KKV) grant) prepared a novel peptidomimetic library that will be also tested in this project. From this R&D programme Avidin filed a patent in 2007.