Lead Optimization

Hit and lead discovery for any targets Provide the name of the target, and we give you patentable NCEs and core structures within 2-3 months!

Library Preparation

For in-house and fee for service projects Avidin prepares chemical libraries for hit discovery and lead optimization.

Mycoplasma Detection and Treatment

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Medicinal chemistry

Avidin’s Chemical Department develops novel chemical synthetic routes to prepare NCEs for the improvement of Avidin’s small molecule collection. For in-house and fee for service

Animal Research


In vivo toxicology studies are essential to establish the toxicological profiles of novel drug candidates in the preclinical phase, prior to human administration. Our company



Avidin’s researchers developed several high-throughput gene expression screens based on nanocapillary quantitative real-time PCR and offers them as service. The OpenArray™ nanocapillary QRT-PCR analysis represents a major breakthrough for life science researchers, enabling massively parallel, high quality nanoliter assays. It is ideal for low-volume solution-phase reactions including analysis of genetic, genomic, biochemical, and cellular samples. By using the BioTrove platform Avidin can run 18.000 QRT-PCR in one day and over 100.000 in a week.