Curcumin analogs

New Analogues Avidin has synthesized more than 70 curcumin analogs with novel scaffold. Analogues have been optimized for better cytotoxic profiles, and efficacy in vivo. The synthesis of the lead molecule, C-150 is straightforward and can be easily upscaled. Preclinical Results C-150 showed impressive effectiveness against human acute myeloid leukemia …


Glioblastoma, the most common primary brain tumor in adults, is usually rapidly fatal. Under hypoxic conditions or when free fatty acids overload can occur (exogenously from the serum or due to intracellular alterations e.g. when beta-oxidation is blocked) the number of LDs are increasing. It was shown that LD accumulation occurs in vivo at prenecrotic cancer tissues and border zones of experimental myocardial infarcts, therefore LDs can be in vivo markers of cancer and ischemic insults.


drug_discoveryResearchers at Avidin have synthesized analogues of novel thalidomide-related Immune Modulatory Drugs (IMIDs) which may have benefits over the current treatments for solid tumors. The IP held by Avidin on the novel IMIDs, the trifluorinated-alkylamino-imids is valuable, offering the possibility of widening the application of the currently used thalidomide or RevlimidTM (Celgene Inc.).