Drug discovery

AnticancerResearchers at Avidin have synthesized analogues of novel Immune Modulatory Drugs (IMIDs) which may have benefits over the current treatments for solid tumors. Avinomid was effective in liver metastasis of melanoma and chemically induced liver cancer models. Preclinical study has been started in 2010.

inflammationAvidin successfully developed novel prostaglandin analogues to treat auto-inflammatory diseases in collaboration with Ubichem Ltd. Prostiazol, the lead compound was found to be orally effective in colitis animal models. Chemical optimization and preclinical study has been started in 2011.

kinololAvidin has discovered in collaboration with others cytoprotective compounds with a novel chemical structure scaffold. After chemical optimization and SAR analysis Q-134 was selected as a neuroprotective lead-compound for CNS indications.