The metabolic, pH- and redox-regulation properties of cancer cells are different from those of normal cells. Cancer cells are more depend more on aerobic glycolysis, glutaminolysis and fatty acid synthesis for proliferation. Cancer associated non-malignant cells, representing the microenvironment for solid tumors are also reprogrammed biochemically. These differences suggest that targeting metabolic dependence could be a novel approach to treat different types of cancers. However, the limited clinical success of compounds that target this metabolic difference suggested that a single compound may not be effective, due to the complexity of the aerobic glycolytic pathway.

Our experts adopted the strategy of identifying combinations of different compounds that are more effective than a single agent alone. AVM-92 is a combination of four anti-cancer compounds.

Preclinical Results

AVM-92 is currently tested in several types of cancers. The combination of four compounds was primarily effective in melanoma, breast and colon cancers, and it showed minimal systemic toxicity. All four agents possess good oral absorption and have a well-documented pharmacokinetic profile.

Clinical Research

Avidin is currently looking for partners to initiate clinical trials in colon carcinoma patients.