Avidin funded as part of the Hungarian Multi Program by National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Project title: Chemical and cell biological technical development at Avidin Ltd.

Identification number of the project: GINOP-PLUSZ-1.1.2-21-2021-00003
xpected duration of the project 15.11.2021-31.12.2022

Cost of project: 305 730 782 Ft
Funding amount: 152 865 390 Ft



The tender supports equipment procurement enriching the equipment park of Avidin Ltd, and its experimental development activities. In cutting-edge development, we intend to create new cell biology reagent kit panels that are unique which can detect and quantify the presence of unique markers and their levels in a multi-dimensional detection system by employing FACS instruments, thereby using the marker screening in diagnostic applications.

The project includes three areas of activity: 1) Acquisition of new devices resulting in technological development 2) Application of technologies utilizing renewable energy sources 3) Experimental development.

Equipment to be purchased: 1. 1 CytoFLEX LX 5 laser cytometer, which is used to set up cell biology tests and develop protocols. 2. 1 CombiFlash chromatography unit, which we will use to create large quantities of fluorescent raw materials. 3. 2 HPLC-MS devices, which are used for the analysis and quality control of fluorescent dyes and the purification of activated, small amounts of fluorophore coupling agents.

Furthermore, the construction of the solar system planned in the project will reduce the current costs, and as a renewable energy source, we will contribute to the mitigation of harmful emissions.

The results generated during the experimental development could be used by private medical laboratories, private hospitals and other diagnostic laboratories operating in the field of human oncology, inflammatory and infectious diseases. The developments represent marker diagnostics based on multi-parameter, fluorescent detection of blood samples for research use.