EUREKA Innovation Award (E!12655 MITOME) for German-Hungarian collaborative program

Avidin and its partners Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Zellkulturtechnik (SIZ) and GenXPro awarded with EUREKA Innovation Award (E!12655 MITOME) as part of a special German-Hungarian collaborative program


Project title: Functional genomic and enzymatic profiling of mitochondria from oxidative stressed biological samples
Identification number of the project: 2018-2.1.3-EUREKA-2018-00016
Expected duration of the project : 01.02.2019-12.31.2020.

In the last decade, oxidative stress has emerged as a key factor in many diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, lung, kidney, liver disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and neuropathy. These pathologic processes have an increased incidence with age, and oxidative stress is believed to be a major factor in aging and ageing-associated diseases. Therefore, biomarkers of oxidative stress play an important role in understanding pathogenesis and in treatment of these diseases. Previous studies most often focused on a particular element of mitochondrial defects. In contrast, this consortium aims to conduct a multi-level investigation to develop DNA, RNA, enzyme and cell based test systems and prototype reagent products. The Hungarian partner of the consortium, in close cooperation with the two German partners, identifies new molecular targets that can lead to cell death and pathological changes that originate from the mitochondria. The objective is to develop a reagent prototype product based on new, specific and high-sensitivity biochemical tests. These biochemical kits will be combined with a cellular sensor developed in SIZ and with the genomic platform developed in GenXPro; complementing each other will produce a competitive product line. Initial co-operation will open up further collaborative opportunities in the long term and will allow the development of the products created here for diagnostic purposes.