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D-Luciferin ethyl ester

is a membrane permeable analog of the primary substrate for the firefly luciferase bioluminescent producing system with 30% higher light intensity. It is especially suited for sensitive detection of luciferase expressing cells in tissues and in vivo animal studies.

Our solubilization buffer, provided to each ordered reagent, enables this analog entering into the tissues and generating very high intensitiy signals of cloned luciferase activity in whole animal studies.

D-Luciferin ethyl ester is also a sensitive substrate for the bioluminescent measurement of lipase activity in homogeneous assays, or in cell lysate samples in combination with luciferase and ATP.

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20 mg 58 USD

100 mg 160 USD

1g 950 USD

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AVIDIN in collaboration with AVICOR (www.avicorbiotech.com) has optimized scale-up synthesis of aLuciferin, an amino-luciferin potassium salt with a brighter luciferin derivative. More sensitive in vivo imaging analysis can be done compared to luciferin.


aLuciferin can be dissolved easily in physiological salt solution for in vivo imaging.


aLuciferin produces higher signal than luciferin: Max. intensity by  40-80 %, total photon count by 35-60%.


imaging even for small number of cancer cells


For an introductory price (until September 2012) you can order 1 g aLuciferin for 249 USD (the cheapest in the market)

Price for 5 g, 20 g, or bulk order, please inquire.


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