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New products to combat symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases

Avidin and Synaptogenex together successfully closed their granted project entitled „Development, testing and production of active compounds and functional products for improving memory functions and protecting neuronal cells” and developed two nutraceutical products, bMEMORY & bHEALTH.

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In early 2020 Avidin has expanded the company’s portfolio with a specialized clinical molecular Diagnostics Department focusing on the detection and monitoring of infectious diseases and their related health consequencies. Based on Avidin’s experience and skills in genomics and screening it develops and manufactures in-vitro diagnostic tests for the DNA based detection of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi.

From 2011 Avidin has specialized in single cell genomics, where the company can conducts digital measurements of mRNA, miRNA expression of individual cells with superior sensitivity and reproducibility.

Besides diagnostics Avidin is working in drug discovery to identify novel small molecules which can be further develop into therapeutics to treat devastating and complex diseases, like neurodegeneration and cancer. Avidin has widespread international scientific and industrial partnerships in drug discovery (medicinal chemistry, screen development, and animal models). Besides in-house drug development programs, the company provides services and products in the segment of pharmaceutical research, in the preclinical phase of analyzing drug candidates (target and phenotypic-based hit identification, proof of concept studies in vitro and in animal models, preclinical non-GLP toxicity and ADME/Tox studies) in cancer and CNS indications.

Our most advanced drug development program includes a novel clinical candidate, Q134R which possesses with strong cytoprotective, anti-inflammatory and nootropic properties. The candidate is dedicated for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The clinical development is currently performed in collaboration with Aperus Pharma co Ltd where Avidin is a stakeholder.